Theme Zoom Market Domination Executive Training and Certification

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We now teach certification on a one-on-one basis; either individually or for a company, to allow for more effective training.

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What you get:

1. Training tailored to your business: 3 Hours Set-up Phone Calls discussing:
  • your company,
  • your business objectives,
  • your current knowledge base,
  • your current marketing and strategies,
  • your goals for the training.

2. Choose Up to 3 Markets as Examples for Training:

You can choose up to 3 different markets that we can use as examples during your training. Covering multiple markets helps you to understand more completely how to implement what we are teaching you. When finished with your first project able to implement what you learned in any market.

3. 30 days of 7 Basic Areas training prior to arrival:

Over the course of the phone calls mentioned above, we'll talk about these main topics to find your strengths and where more information would be useful. We'll recommend additional reading either from the books we send (see point 6, below) or in the form of PDFs we've written (which we will email or send links) or to specific areas in the member's area. This insures a solid foundation for when we get together so we can move quickly during the actual event.

  1. Positioning,
  2. Technical SEO,
  3. Marketing,
  4. Conversion,
  5. List Building,
  6. Increasing Customer Value,
  7. Theme Mirroring,
  8. 3rd Party Platforms Best Uses

4. 8 days In-Person Training with Sue and Russell

These are long 10 hour days with lots of coffee close at hand. We spend time talking about the theory and then immediately implement what you have learned so you have hands on while we are together.

5. Up to 20 hours Post-Event Consultation

We will hold your hand through your first project and offer advice and feedback on the different aspects of your project to help insure that you have a clear picture on how to implement what you have learned. This after training consultation can be used any time over the 12 month period following your training but must be limited to your initial project.

6. Russell & Sue's Must-Have Bookshelf

Just as Harvard has their 5 foot bookshelf, Sue and Russell have their must-read and must-reference collection of books. These books will be drop-shipped to you prior to the In Person training event.

7. Special Member's Area

Life-time access to the Executive Training & Certification member's area with slide shows, links and outline of material covered during training - this includes Spreadsheet templates, client report templates and blog siloing tricks & code.

We have set up a special area in the Network Empire member's area just for our Executive Training and Certification students. Not only does it contain the same kind of step-by-step instructions as in the niche-domination area, it also has all kinds of additional information that we don't get to cover during certification as well as the slide shows that we use during the theory aspects of the training.

Just to make this absolutely irresistible we are in the process of creating exact process maps for each aspect of market domination - these will be in such a level of detail that you could hand them to your outsource team and they would be able to accomplish the tasks.

8. Agencies are Listed on our Certified Advisors' page

Enhance your credibility and increase your opportunity for referrals by appearing on our Theme Zoom Certified Business Advisors page.

9. Learn by Doing

Russ & Sue will walk you through completion and critique of first website and/or blog for you. We'll talk with you about all of the technical and neuromarketing aspects of your site, your One Feed and integrated social media platforms used for marketing that site.

We will take it all apart and showing you where you could make it better. You walk away with a clear understanding of everything that was taught because you have implemented it and learned from your mistakes.

This is required before you can get listed on our Certified Advisors page.

10. Save 50% on all Future Certification Events

The internet is always in motion and our certification includes a lot of bleeding edge ideas. We've had several students ask to come back for a refresher to understand the new techniques we teach.

We are happy to accommodate and will design a curriculum that won't repeat those concepts that have already been mastered.

Our Market Domination Executive Training and Certification Course Elements

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